Cotton Buds Spindle:: Baby Health & Hygiene Cotton Buds by Morisons Baby Dreams

Cotton Buds Spindle 60s (Pack of 2)

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Key Features:

  • Economical
  • Clean, Soft & Gentle
  • Effectively cleans baby’s ears
  • Strong and flexible sticks
  • 100% cotton highly absorbent in nature
  • Have extra cotton padding on tip
  • Highly absorbent nature
  • Suitable for cosmetic use
  • Double side swab


  • Type - Cotton Swabs
  • Material - 100% Cotton
  • Age group: 0 months+
  • No. of Pieces – 100 stems/200 swabs

Items included in package: Pack of 100 Cotton stems Double Swabs


        Morisosns Baby Dreams' Cotton Buds are made from 100% pure cotton so they are naturally absorbent and gentle on ears. The spindle shape protects the ear drum and extra padding on the tip is safe for baby. It is hygienically packed and ideal for daily hygiene and grooming.

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