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Morisons Instant Clean Germ Kill Spray - Safe on Skin, Safe on Surfaces, 150ml (800 Sprays) Pack of 2

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Key Features:

  • Useful for high traffic surfaces
  • Enhanced with goodness of Aloe Vera which nourishes skin
  • No Gas, less Wastage, More Economical
  • Kills *99.9% Bacteria & Viruses


  • Capacity - 150 ml

Items included in package :- 2 Germ kill spray


        During this crucial phase, while we always remember to sanitize our hands, we often forget about germs on surfaces that are frequently touched. Mobile phones, tablets, doorknobs, or toys that kids play with may also carry harmful bacteria and viruses.

        Morisons, brings to you its Germ Kill Spray which instantly kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It can be used as often as required as it works without any water and there is no need to wipe after spraying. It is certainly a must-have at home or on the go. What's even better - it is safe on the skin! This antibacterial, no gas formula comes in a spill-proof pack, making it easy to carry and protect yourself at all times. Best to use it on frequently touched surfaces to kill the unseen bacteria and viruses. Just hold it upright, close to the pre-cleaned surface, spray all over and wait until dry. It is also safe on skin.

        Keep your home and loved ones safe from bacteria and viruses with this very useful and effective germ kill spray.

        *Keep it out of reach of children

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        HSN 33079090
        Gender Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Female, Male, Unisex
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