Loyalty Points

We value our loyal User above all. Every time you shop with us, you get certain points of your purchase back in the form on Loyalty Points. You can earn them, spend them or hoard them.

You can earn all Loyalty Points by shopping your favourite products at Jlmorison.com/shop. For each product you will see the Loyalty Points available against the product. On purchasing the product, the Loyalty Points for the product will be added to your account within 48 hours.

For example:- If you have earned Rs. 85 as Loyalty Points on Jlmorison.com/shop, you can use the entire Rs. 85 against orders on Jlmorison.com/shop .You can redeem your loyalty points even in orders in which you have availed of any other offer. The option to redeem your Loyalty Points would be available to you when you are going to pay for your purchases.

You can use part or all of these for a direct discount on your next order (1 Loyalty Point = INR 1).

You can always check your Loyalty Points balance in “My Account”, and save them up for one great purchase!

Just in case you return a product or we need to give you a refund for any other reason, we do that in the form of Loyalty points as well and in the same way the loyalty points will get reduced to the extent of the return value.

In orders where an e-Coupon has been used or Loyalty points have been redeemed, no Loyalty points will be awarded

When a User is redeems his/her accumulated points against the purchases and the said purchases net invoice value falls below Rs 500/- ( due to redemption of the loyalty points), the user needs to pay the shipping charges as per the shipping charge policy